Modelling Experience

Modelling Experience- Reviews of a Photographer.

“We had a wonderful photoshoot with İdil at our underwater studio in Istanbul.
İdil has an amazing energy. It was very easy and beautiful to work with her. Moving and posing underwater is quite the challenge, but İdil was extremely smooth.
She was almost like a mermaid underwater. The performance she gave was unbelieveable.
I liked the results so much that I immediately wanted to share the results on my instagram page.
We are so happy to have met her. We are waiting eagerly the next photoshoots we will make with her.”

~ Ahmet Bolat, Underwater Istanbul, Photography Studio 🇹🇷

“When I watched İdil (Naiada), I thought ‘Amazing!’. She is a dancer who both has good technique and charisma and appeal.”

~ Umut Seçkin, Istanbul, Turkey 🇹🇷

Modelling Experience

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