International Goddess

International Goddess is an inspired belly dance group from Istanbul, Turkey.
It is founded at Naiada Dance Studio, Istanbul.
International Goddess brings together a wide array of cultural movement practices and athletic expressions, with focus on Turkish belly dance.

Her movement language is inspired by literature, Turkish poetry, Byzantine and Islamic Art, ‘90s fashion world, Turkish mainstream belly dance, Romani street-style belly dance, creative dance, Rio de Janeiro style samba no pé and Brazilian funk.

She is a gradute of Cultural Studies (BA) and Cultural Anthropology (MSc) with a focus on dance. She has lived in Los Angeles, Amsterdam, and The Hague.

Born in Mexico City and currently located in Istanbul, her movement language is inspired by Cumbia, Reggeaton, Sports and Martial Arts, especially Muay Thai. She is a very smooth dancer who combines a highly feminine energy with power, precision and expressivity.

She is a graduate of Journalism (BA) and works as a medical advisor.

Born and raised in Colombia and having lived in Germany and Italy, she is currently based in Istanbul. Her movement language is inspired by Salsa, Colombian-style belly dance and Zumba. She is a very expressive dancer with a strong charisma. Angelica is a graduate of Fashion Design (BA) and is an expert in style and fashion. She is an entrepreneur who founded her own hair extention business in Istanbul with her husband.

Gayrettepe Mh. Cemil Aslan Güder Sk. No: 3/1 Lale Apt. B Blok D: 23 Beşiktaş/İstanbul