İstanbul, Türkiye


Ultra-elite nightclub where professional actresses from theatre and top quality dancers perform

Eylül 2021

After Brazil, Naiada Dance set up her own studio in European Side, Istanbul. Observing and witnessing her students’ talents, she founded the group International Goddess. The International Goddess made its debut at “Transcontinental Power of Dance and Literature”, in Istanbul through partnershiop of Naiada Dance Art, Andrology Excellence and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

Shortly after the Festival, Naiada got an offer to perform at Sky Residence, Göktürk, Istanbul, by the manager of the social venue, Nedim Varnalı. The concept was Club Mediterranean, and Naiada and Angelica created a choreography mixing samba, belly dance and solo salsa. It was unique in Istanbul’s performance history and was very successful with the audience.

With the invitation of the poetess, activist and intellectual Yelda Karataş, I performed at the opening of the Turgut Uyar Poetry Awards.

From the Rehearsal at Barış Manço Kültür Merkezi


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