3rd Day

3rd Day

We went to Grand Bazaar and bought some costumes. We had some fun times there due to Brazilian’s alarm due to Turkish negotiation culture. We went to Gülseren Costume for Naiada’s costume piece. Gülseren is the first woman merchant of Grand Bazaar. She absolutely adored the Brazilian guests and there was such a loving energy!

Afterwards, we ate Kebap in the backstreets of Grand Bazaar. The guests tried ayran and şalgam the first time in their lives. They called it “salty juice”. It was adoreable!

We went to AKM, Taksim to watch Güldestan by Beyhan Murphy and Mercan Dede.


Afterwards, we went to the Ethiopian Restaurant in Taksim.


In the theater and in the restaurant, Naiada’s dance group “International Goddess” also joined our guests, with their families. It was a very international group. Later on, we went to “Lost”, a club in Taksim playing Latin music.

I asked the DJ to play Brazilian Funk music, and we danced all together and had so much fun!

Gayrettepe Mh. Cemil Aslan Güder Sk. No: 3/1 Lale Apt. B Blok D: 23 Beşiktaş/İstanbul